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GST bill to be tabled in Rajya Sabha today! 12 August,2015

The government will introduce on Tuesday, the much-awaited Goods and Services Tax, GST, bill in the Rajya Sabha, even as doubts persist if the main opposition Congress will allow its passage.

The Revised List of Business of Rajya Sabha said Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will move the Constitution Bill, 2014, incorporating recommendations made by a House Select Committee.

Jaitley will also move the Bill to be passed, it said.

The GST that seeks to replace all indirect taxes, with a uniform levy has already been approved by the Lok Sabha and was in last session, referred to a Rajya Sabha Select Committee.

The panel has given its report endorsing majority of the provisions, while suggesting changes in compensation to states and definition of supply for the purpose of states levying additional one percent tax.

Indirect tax reform GST proposes to create a uniform tax rate across the country by subsuming excise, service tax and other local levies. GST can boost India's GDP by 1-2%.

Opposition Congress has repeatedly disrupted proceedings in the Rajya Sabha, preventing the House from taking up the passage of the bill.

                                                           The current monsoon session of Parliament ends on August 13!!

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